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May 12, 2006



This is very good news. Huzzah! Now you and the GM can fly off to Tulum with fewer things to worry about.


Good news on the find. I'm interested in the Tulum idea. Where do you fly in to? Package deal? That would be a great place to take my lady friend...


Flying into Cancun. We're staying at a private home. A local couple have a place there that they rent out.

Dr. Biggles

Well, congrats on her coming back, very nice.
We could use one of those competant beings down here at the glue factory. Just getting employees to show up seems tough enough. Then getting them to do their job? Egads.



Please let us know how you liked Tulum and if you would recommend the house. We almost went to a town very near there last year and it's in the mix for next year.

michael d foodcrazee

congratulations on retaining ur best waiter or waitress. Real glad for you as you knw in this industry, it aint easy to train and retain a good staff. You can realy train attitude , can you ? Its all in their heart....

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