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June 28, 2006



What type of circulator did you get. i've only seen more expensive ones, and I've been itching to do it.
I've been cooking sous vide in a pot on the stove and it's impossible to get temps right.
I have really enjoyed the fish I've cooked this way though.


You can make mayonnaise with a food processor? Wacky.

I believe that technology can be as helpful or as damaging as you want it to be. It's fun to play with new kitchen tools (coming from someone who has no kitchen electronics whatsoever), but I think it's also valuable to learn traditional ways of making things as well. For me, it lends a deeper understanding of the food.

But maybe I'm just a 19th century girl.


Ebay circulator - 4 dollars
Costco food saver - 99 dollars
Realizing sauces taste shit when thickened with xanthan gum? Pricless.

Dr. Biggles

Oh, hey. I don't have a food processor. Nor do we own a bread machine. I like my pounding and cutting devices just the way they are.
I have to admit though, I am a fan of the light.


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