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July 15, 2006



I laughed out loud at the hippies on the bus photo.


haddock -- I had this vision of a giant spaetzle, a huge ball of sodden dough being carved at the table like a faux turkey for the visitng hippies. What a wonderful story!


I knew you'd come up with something soulful and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing. It was a pleasure to read.


LOL, I got hit by this meme as well. Though my response wasn't nearly as artful as yours. Props on the writing!


I found my way here via Sam and I think I'll probably be back. I loved the list of books. I had assumed that it would be predominated by cookbooks but it wasn't and I was pleasantly surprised.


Your response to the meme was certainly more eloquent than mine. I just kinda bammed mine out. LOL. Props to ya'.

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