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July 26, 2006



This sounds much like David Lebowitz's plight...Mercury is retrograde, which makes all kinds of snafus with communications, cars, computers, and people. It goes direct on Friday, thank God.

I hope your circle comes back to ease and that you can enjoy your baby boy.

Joe Fish

Persevere, haddock! Dozens of people love you and are pulling for you whom you've never even met, imagine what good vibes you get from people who've laid eyes on you.

Remember, it's easy to bypass the thermocouple, especially if you don't have to change temp during service, and babies heal easily.

Breathe deep, and enjoy the moment.

Dr. Biggles


Don't sweat it, it gets easier from here on in.


Oh, I'm killing me.



Yikes! Now I feel like a total slacker, I had a baby 5 months ago and I couldn't even keep blogging. And I rarely do the dishes. And I quit my job. Breastfeeding, yeah, I do that! I hear that life only hands you what you can handle, looks so far you are doin it. My advice: sleep with the baby in the bed, don't change a diaper at night unless it's poopy, get some earplugs. Enjoy!


Thanks for the good thoughts and Molly, keep in mind. I didn't actually have the baby nor do I have to produce and dispense his food. You did and you do. It's exhausting I'm sure. And right now he's tiny, immobile and sleeps a lot. We'll see how things go once he's scooting around.


Haddock: good luck with all the little hardships, you all will come through. Don't hold your breath for the scooting around, you got another 6 month. Molly's advice is very sound: go sleep on the couch, and feed in bed. And have the GM make up her sleep during the day. After 6 weeks, you can give the baby a bottle a day, and give her a break.



Through the magic of the dreaded but indespensible breast pump, I was able to do at least one night feeding for each of our boys, almost from day one. Were it not for that, I'm pretty sure that the boys and I would be spending our Sundays visiting their mom in a padded room.

Hang in there Haddock! It gets better!

BTW if you get a chance watch "Lost in Translation" again. Near the end Bill Murray's character gives the best description of the true nature of parenting that I have ever heard.


I just read most of the archives. I just stumbled onto your blog. Very well written and throughly enjoyable!

Was also curious as to where and which restaurant you work at.

P.S. Congrats on your son!

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