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July 08, 2006



how 'bout corn compote?


Summer Succotash?
Sweet Corn Succotash?
Sexy Succotash?
I got a million of 'em


"Sauteed summer vegetables" -- then when they ask, start with "corn..."

Sorry about the staff glitches, which come at such a bad/good time. Corragio!

Joe Fish

a lot of peeps just don't know what sturgeon is. your website does a good job of explaining unfamiliar menu items, maybe a mini primer on the menu? "Sturgeon: a firm fleshed fish, slightly oily, that likes the Strokes and Alkaline Trio."


Amy: It actually did say summer succotash on the menu, I'll try sweet corn succotash.

Joe Fish: Maybe, we sold the hell out of a smoked sturgeon app the other night so I think people know what it is. Plus, one of our competitors to the south has had it on the menu forever and it seems to sell there. We'll see what happens when we reprint menus. Not sure where the Strokes or Alkaline Trio fit in.

Dr. Biggles

Prolly like that corn cause it's a starchy little bastard, sweet too.
I do better with vegetables if they have bacon & lemon juice in 'em.



I could be talking out of my ass here but I think diners are typically more adventurous with apps than entrees. So while diners may be open to ordering a sturgeon app even if they don't know what it is, they'd be hesitant to order it as an entire entree.

Us diners can be a confusing lot. I have a friend who always orders "duck confit" at his favorite restaurant. One time I took him somewhere new and while perusing the menu, he pointed to the "duck leg confit" and asked me what it was! With your evolving menu, don't be surprised if customers who order the regular sturgeon at your competitor can recognize your sturgeon on the menu :)

With fish, I think if you describe the color and taste of the flesh and try to draw comparisons to a more common fish, diners would be more inclined to order it. Keep it brief on the menu and have the waitstaff elaborate. If they mentioned that caviar comes from sturgeon, that might even raise the fish's profile with diners!

If you have a source for delicious smoked sturgeon for an app, I think that'd be a great introduction to the sturgeon entree.



You're not talking out of your ass. People ARE more adventurous with their apps and even thought I should know this by now, sometimes I need to be shown the obvious. Thanks.


As for sturgeon ed, where is Barney Greengrass when we need him?

See www.barneygreengrass.com

recently I added succotash to a menu for a few hundred people - a summer lunch - and not even the professional cook (culinary school grad) had heard of the dish. I had to explain how is came from an eastern indian word for corn and usually included lima beans. Anyway, after making a sylvester ad tweety reference, suddenly everybody recalled it, so we just labelled the dish 'suffern' succotash' and people would take a bite. After the first bite, they were happy to take many more.


Good idea using MySpace as a method of checking references. I never even thought of that. It's probably a good way to find out about people.

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