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August 27, 2006



Rant away. You've earned it. Seems a very odd situation and a very odd family. Reminds me again why we are blessed there are people who =want= to run restaurants.

I think it very possible that someone was reading amounts to someone else who was helping with the credit card terminal and that accounts for the $3.15/$3.50 mixup.

A $3.50 tip wouldn't've been outrageously luxe on a $21.55 charge. That patron's karma needs some serious attention.


Wow. Does this woman realize that the time you have spent on this is far more valuable than the amount of either of the charges?


Wow... let us know if you get the check!


Ahh.. but haddock, your technique is flawed. People's scam-dars are much more attuned to small amounts of money than large amounts. The same person who might quibble over 35 cents in utter disbelief that it might be an honest mistake would be perfectly content to send $5,000 checks to assistants to unknown Nigerian dictators who tell strange stories of gold and diamonds over email. Start with a $2,000 credit card surcharge on every other check and I'm sure any suspicions your more "sophisticated" diners have about your restaurant operations will go away in a snap.


Oy vey, please let us know when Hetty Green cashes your check for the g.d. 35 f***ing cents. oh, the nerve of that horrible creature.


Oh snap on sending the check. That's awesome.


Patrick: That's a great idea. How'd you like to be my director of marketing?

Suzanne: Love the Hetty Green reference.

To all the rest: Thanks a lot. I did get the check today. Let's see ifit clears.

Joe Fish

Let's not forget the obvious: $3.50 on 21.50 isn't extravagant, it's barely adequate, in my opnion, inadequate unless the service was poor.

Screw those weirdos.

F. S. Blair

You know, this puts me in mind of a certain level of customer we used to get at the strip club (well, the club presumably still gets them, but being retired from bouncer & doorman status, it's blissfully "we"-less now).

Standard policy was that Thursdays (the slow day) were $5 cover charge, and Fridays & Saturdays were $5 from 7-9, and $10 thereafter.

So, naturally, people would show up at 8:00pm one week, pay $5, then show up at 10:30pm the next, and insist I was trying to rip them off by charging them full price- in several instances, even going so far as to claim that the laminated signs proclaiming the policy that covered the walls (there were easily 20+ signs stating it on the malls between the outside door and the bar inside the club proper) "weren't there" before and that I put them up to rip them off.

Thanfully, it never reached the frankly bizarre levels your incident escalated to. You're a saint, Haddock. Patience of Job, man. Patience of Job.

- Scott

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