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September 22, 2006



Ugh. Bad family dynamics suck. As for the immediate etiquette question, though, if someone at dinner brings up your restaurant as far better than the one you're eating in, I'm sure you'll be gracious and simply say thank you, that's always nice to hear. Good luck...



You do realize some people (them), suck? They're thoughtless pinheads without a care for anyone but themselves. They don't have the capacity for love or empathy. Letting them cause you grief does a disservice to your family. Your son will learn by your actions. Thank goodness you're kind, thoughtful and empathetic.
Your family will not suck. Smile and move on.


ps - Been doing more than 26 years with a semi-similar situation with a few twists. What makes it easier is that my father and girlfriend don't suck. The dynamic between them and my mother and every other family member does. We're pullin' for you.


This is passing strange and I am so fiercely protective of you and your family I want to whup ass. But as a woman who has seen many, many years of inconsiderate, hurtful and sometimes downright demented behavior is a very large family or two, I want to tell you that you should, as my grandmother used to say, "consider the source". Life will go on and yours is so good and it will keep on being that way because you and the GM and the son are who you are. I know that the day of the celebration will be hard (but so has the rest of the GM's treatment) and then it will be over and you can look back and know how much better it would have been at your restaurant and with your food ------------- and it's their loss. Corragio!

Joe Fish


Screw 'em. If you insist on going to dinner, keep your head down, it's your choice. If I were you, I would make it your last dealing with them.

Furthermore, if she (1/2 sis) insists on making a show with the GM, call her out. Not in public, but take her aside and say 'We have staff that could have taken care of your wedding. We could have catered it and been part of the celebration.' The only way to move forward is to make your position clear. If you don't like the answer you get, you can be sure she has a 32' long receptacle in which to pound sand.

And if people want to compliment your food at the rehearsal dinner- take it and smile.


I kinda have a policy of not hiring friends to do certain things. You can't yell at a friend, who's also maybe your contractor, when they mess up your kitchen cabinets or patio, and sometimes it's better to leave business and personal life separate.
Things can get icky...

Consider yourself lucky!

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