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September 24, 2006



I like the Amercian adoption of the British insult 'knob'


Well, haddock, you know that in my leaner financial days I did my bit of puffery -- but I never fooled myself into thinking it was reviewing. It was what it was. I think you handled this well and look where it got you: a place to try some personal writing and get paid at the same time. Huzzah!

Of course you won't name names so I am trying to figure out which mag, which "reviewer" etc. What a low trick to try to get free meals. Unprofessional and totally llacking in class.

Jennifer Jeffrey

This is altogether hilarious! Love the way she tried to pull the comp after the meal.

Since she's living with the knob, does that make her a knobette?

Dr. Biggles

Hmm, I was introduced to the derogatory term "knob" in the movie Strange Brew with Bob & Doug McKenzie. One could have also used the term, "Hose Head". However, the term "hoser" is a kinder gentler way of giving someone a hard time or greeting a good friend. Such as, "Jeez hoser, don't hork my beer" or "Hey hoser, good to see you. Don't hork my beer." And as you probably witnessed this nitwit expressing himself and saying something along the lines of, "Hey you knob, put down my cold beer, eh!"


Joe Fish

See, Haddock, when life gives you shit, make shinola.


As editor of a restaurant rag for the day gig, and someone who has written his share of "puff" pieces for restaurant equipment manufacturers (i.e. advertisers), I would stab to death any of my columnists who trolled--or had their wife troll--for any freebies at a restaurant in exchange for a review. Doesn't matter what kind of publication it is, even one of dem ubiquitous freebies. Knob. An underused word to describe a people. I also like "putz."

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