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September 26, 2006



The Bay Area has never seemed to pay that much attention to Zagat and with the popularity of Yelp, I think its influence will be diminishing even more. I can't even remember the last time someone mentioned Zagat on the way to a restaurant. Nevertheless, I am curious about what the results of next year's Michelin Guide publication will be.

I personally place no value in Zagat as it seems to do nothing but perpetuate existing scores. I think there's a number of mediocre restaurants that drive simply because of Zagat-recommended traffic. It's useless for finding anything new or original or good values.

Brendan McGuigan

The short answer to your parenthetical question, which is language related and so prompts me to post on it, is that the Greek prefix dis means either "not" or "the opposite of", while the Greek prefix dys means "abnormal" or "bad".

The distinction is fine, then, but does exist, between dysfunctional and a neologistic disfunctional, where dysfunctional is a bit more forceful — it's not just something that is unfunctional, it's something that is actively abnormal and bad in its functionality.

So. Yeah. Nice blog, I just found it.


You're not cavernous, you're not big and barny, you're "open"! But where did the hustling hotties go?


ced- I wish I knew where the hustling hotties are. I think we must've hired either a slacker, or just someone who was, well, less than hot. Actually we've just replaced them all with zany characters.

At any rate I'm delighted with this years writeen descriptions and still wondering a little about the numerical scores of a number of places up here.

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