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December 30, 2006



So glad to hear you survived the wrath of the elements. We had winds of 75 mph here in Marin!.........You must have heard of the loss of Manka's. What a tragic end for that landmark building.....Breathe deeply, haddock and get ready for the end of the year blow-out.

Happy 2007 to you and the GM and that Sardine. (The caterpillar book seems perfect for a crawler.)

shuna fish lydon

when I worked in yountville power outages seemed to happen every saturday/sunday morning: drunk people crashing into poles!

this is a great testament to the power of ingenuity. what we all could use a little more of in our field. proof that change is all we can rely on...

and that crawling? it can go faster than running!

a gorgeous new year to you, your staff, the gm & sardine.

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