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January 29, 2007



Oh---my-----God! I was sitting on the edge of my desk chair while reading this.


You live entirely too dangerously, haddock, but it goes to prove that good things happen to good people. Bravo.

H.Alexander Talbot

absolutely brilliant!

and you know a little methocel in those gnocchi...

Hope the media meal was a smash.

Talk later.


As I am sick in bed, this just gave me the thrill I miss while stuck here. Bravo... I love ZAP and this is a story that will be filed in the brain for later.


Argh! I didn't see this until now. I had a great time assisting the master chef. I wanted to let you know that as I was leaving I overheard someone answer her friend's question of "what was the best thing you tried tonight (at ZAP)?" Her answer: "those gnocchi 'n lamb thingies." I agree. They were delicious (I may have inhaled a few after you left). To thine own self be true.


Its never fun unless its close right?

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