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January 07, 2007



Have you ever thought of hanging a curtain of some sort along the railing where it opens out to the rest of the building? Or would the fire marshall flip his lid...


Evan's suggestion is an interesting one until I consider the feeling of that whole building, so historic and reminiscent of other times -- the staircase, the mezzanine. Hard call. I love the feeling of that s-p-a-c-e.

Have you thought about a separate part just for informal chow (dreaded chowder, raw bar)? Maybe in that back section where private parties sit? I know, I know, shuddup awready.


What do you have against chowder?
Being a Boston resident, I like a good New England chowder, and there are many from which to choose. There is an annual competition, and most of the best restaurants offer their own - jazzed up, trimmed down, or deconstructed. All very good. Some go out of their way to do a brazilian, portugese, manhattan, rhode island, etc chowder. Some do both. Many include Pancetta or do something to personalize the soup. Nobody lets that sort of money walk out the door. Some even offer corn and clam chowder or something else intriguing.

So, I ask again, what is wrong with a chowder that you can't find something in the genre that will make a potential guest overjoyed to have tried your restaurant?


ben- I've got nothing against chowder. I'm from the East and have a fondness for it myself. What I don't like are the "chowder people" who are only looking for clam chowder, fish & chips, etc. As a rule they don't tip and are diifficult customers.
Also your comment brought up a big reason why we typically don't serve chowder. It (to me) is an East Coast thing. Nothing wrong with the East Coast, it's just not where we are.
Believe me, I wrestle all the time about what to serve or not. If money were my ONLY motivation I'd probably have a very different menu. Ego and quality of life get fogured in as well.
There are plenty of chowder palaces in our area. I don't need to join them.


Ah; I see. It is like being a 'pizza' place or a 'burger' place. I do somewhat shudder when I see pizza at what would otherwise be a fairly classy 'red sauce' italian pasta place. It is usually mediocre, tacked on for people who still consider linguini too adventuresome.

As for chowder being an east coast thing - why not label something chowder and be done with it? For instance - 'Chowder Japonais' and make a japanese shellfish stew. Or 'Alaskan Chowder' and make something inuit with razor clams galore. Just a suggestion.

It won't make the people tip better, but it will keep them in their seats.

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