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February 27, 2007


Jennifer Jeffrey

This is a pretty common request. I'm not sure why these groups even to to the trouble of asking permission, as they could simply tweak a recipe and call it their own. There is never any financial consideration, so you won't have to ponder too long over selling out, at least not to these guys - all they offer is supposed "publicity," which makes the choice quite simple.


Well, I'm an IP lawyer, but I'm on the litigation side -- not transactional. So, give me a call once you've made the deal and a dispute arises!

It seems to me that the most important asset you have is your reputation, so wanting to make sure that your name is not attached to some pale imitation of your dish being served at some second-rate chain is not idealistic in the least. If the only thing that they're offering is publicity, then you obviously want to make sure that it's good publicity -- which you can only guarantee by (a) finding out in advance which chain is interested and (b) having the right to taste the "commercialized" version and nix the deal if it's not up to your standards.

Even if you want your name kept away from their rendition, though, it might be worth considering a deal if they're willing to pay you money for the dish instead. From what Jennifer says above, however, this sounds unlikely.


tweak = add lots of bread crumbs.


Dr. Biggles

Yeah, ya know I like the part where your family will love you whether you miss a bill or not anyhoo.

I liked your award winning recipe just the way it was. On your table, delivered by your staff with smiles and care. All this at an oasis in the middle of paradise.

Let them know Biggles has a recipe for them. Five on the right and a quick five on the left they won't see coming.


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