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April 01, 2007



It's funny sometimes how the paths of life cross and then cross again. That we should eat together at The Salt House before you headed to Cyrus, and that we had also eaten for the first time at Cyrus a couple of weeks ago.

When we were at Cyrus, a table of middle-aged diners were squawking, buffooning and generally making such an obnoxious specatacle of themselves, I can assure you that the Stardine would have had absolutely no chance making himself heard above their din.

I thought Doug was as charming a host as you could ever hope to meet.

I am going to ask Fred to come and read your post. He doesn't usually read food blogs but I think he would enjoy this one.


oops - apologies - Sardine typo, but rather a successful one. I like that Stardine!

jen maiser

I rather like "stardine" - It sounds like a new nickname. :)


I suspect that the Sardine knows something about the Island that we don't. Are you sure he isn't hiding a Geiger counter in his diaper?


Good post and well thought. Definetly a perfect respite from my work day; thank you.


I do think it's really odd for the staff at a professional joint like not to acknowledge people who are known to be I.T.B. It seems clueless or arrogant. Makes you feel like you don't really count in their world.

OTOH - I don't disagree with their choice not to buff up the little guy. Like many high-end places they may just have a policy of benign neglect toward babies and toddlers. You can't really go round saying don't bring 'em in, but you can give the message subtly by not stocking high-chairs and other ecoutrement.

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