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May 06, 2007



Amazing. Isn't it a sign of the times, what a male server will have to deal with in order to protect his job: turn the other cheek? Puns aside, I do see it as harassment -- it's an era of equal opportunity, I guess.


I am very interested to know how you feel your servers -- male or female -- should handle this kind of action in the future. Surely a person can do their job without being groped or -- more to the point -- without that kind of harassment being condoned in the workplace?

Why didn't you address it at the time? Did it all happen too quickly? At least you saw the signs -- "three of them had a devilish, egging her on look in their eyes..."

You say he was "shocked" but was he able to brush it off as just another day in the service industry or what?


MaxMillion- Yes, it happened too quickly. The signs could only be interpreted after the fact.

He was able to brush it off, and as one of the commenters over on Chow pointed out he didn't feel threatened, or afraid to leave work, which is probably one reason I didn't go flying down the stairs to confront the woman.

Another commentor over at Chow had this to say, "in the context of the blog, the owner mentioned how it was JUST a Friday night thing...seriously?! your staff should not be violated, discriminated and their dignity sacrificed under any condition. how much more reputable is your restaurant if you continue to tolerate such actions? is that customer a serious loss or gain to the restaurant?"

I guess this person didn't read the whole remark about Friday night. In other words, I SAID THAT BECAUSE IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE, not because it was commonplace. Nor is it behavior I condone. It is merely the first time I have confronted it, whether with a male or female waiter. I've thrown people out of my restaurant who have made my employees feel uncomfortable and will again if I have to. Lighten up.


We have had management take over a table where three older men were saying inappropriate things to the young woman waiter. We have told a male customer we were very sorry but not one of our waiters (all female at the time) were comfortable serving him (local creepy guy who likes to "photograph" beautiful young women). We have asked a female stalker to leave after she saw one of her victims in the window and came in and sat at his table (to his horror). We talked about confronting the the two women that were participants to the inappropriate behavior with the male waiter, who are local waiters. We decided not to hunt them down and harrass them but to ask them how they would feel if it happened to them next time they come in our restaurant or when we bump into them in town.

Like Haddock said lighten up! We care very much for our crew.

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