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May 15, 2007


Jennifer Jeffrey

You really think she's bulimic? ;-)


Ah, so that's why it's
called Mothering Sunday.


bulimics usually take great pains to hide their disease. and if you do fire her, don't fire her for that because that is ridiculous -- you don't fire someone for being bulimic. of course, that is what she will think you're firing her for because you've accused her of it. i'm glad you're not my boss, you insensitive prick. karma will get you for this one.


Wow- now I'm an insensitive prick. Heather, I suggest you go through the archives and look at what I have to say about the people who work for me before you start tossing insults. Or better yet, talk to some of my employees, present or former.

If we were to fire this young woman it would have nothing to do with bulimia, real, imagined, or otherwise. It would be because she isn't doing her job.

Joe Fish

I've got a great idea, let's hold everyone in the world's hand right down into the gutter. And people wonder why india is handing our butt to us.

FYI, heather, haddock- whom I've never met- is obviously a saint of a boss, and if I had worked in his restaurant, I might still be in the business. Send us a postcard of the view from Mount Olympus, things are lonely down here on earth.

shuna fish lydon

The most difficult thing about being the boss of humans is knowing where to draw the line between "mothering" and managing. I do know that I once made the awful mistake of being very hard on an employee I thought was lazy but, unbeknown to her (& I) she had cancer and died 6 months later.

Recently, though, I took aside an employee to talk to her about her self mutilation. She was struck by my care, and although I am not capable of "saving her," she now knows that there's someone around who can empathize.

I know you know the dangers of calling out an employee on their "medical issues" whether they be "self-imposed" or not. And I also know your frustration. I used to work in a kitchen where I was the only employee out of dozens who did not show up to work every weekend hungover.

Unfortunately for them, I was a mere lowly gm cook. Incapable of covering for those calling in from jail.

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