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May 31, 2007



People can be such a**holes. I do not understand why people seem to forget that restaurant workers are human beings.

Joe Fish

You're right, H-dog, as you have mentioned before, people simpy don't know how to behave.

shuna fish lydon

Stories like this are the REASON why I don't work in the front of the house.

I don't care what anyone says, the patience it takes to crack each cherry pit by hand to get ice cream is not the same as the one it takes not to yell at customers.

Wouldn't it have been so funny if you had said to that man, "Well I remember talking to you on the phone when you made the reso, and..."


Jennifer Jeffrey

Haddock, oh this brings back memories of very stressful Saturday nights! I've never understood why people throw temper tantrums over this issue. It defies logic.


The back of the house can be just as frustrating though! The one that always irks me is when someone complains about something after they've finished a course, or even better, after the entire meal. Echoing your sentiment, we want to make you happy! If you don't like something (for whatever reason!, tell us immediately, so we can try to fix it just as quickly.

Dr. Biggles

When someone calls for to reserve seating for 13, say NO. "Thirteen is an unlucky number. You'll have to either disinvite someone or bring another guest. No reservations for 13."

Humans can be such pills.

Rev. Dr. Biggles PhM

Party Bus Hire

It's strange to see how people change their behaviour when dealing with other people's employees. They wouldn't speak to friends or coworkers like that, why do it restaurant staff or retail workers?

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