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August 09, 2007


Dr. Biggles

Hey, I liked yer tritip greatly. Plus all the choices in dressing the sucker up is outstanding. Eating at a restaurant should be an adventure, not a repeat of what you had yesterday. You need a sign as you enter, "If you're stupid, please leave."



I agree with Dr. Biggles.


Ooooh, pound cake, please with the peaches. It just -- works. (Think of the difference between curring into pound or angel food underneath/beside the fruit: no contest.)

Glad things are doing well, and welcome back.

Dave Duma

you never said what it was you did to stop the problem of people leaving... you just said "Steak choices helped also".
What were the "strategies"?

Craig Lockley

I found your blog completely by accident - I run a website called knifesedge.net, related to role-playing games and one of my players found your blog.
I happen to also be a GM of a restaurant and found your blog to be insightful and utterly interesting. I'll certainly be checking back.


Dave- probably the single biggest thing was collecting menus from all the other restaurants in the area in a binder, and when people are looking at our menu questioningly, offering them the binder, along with recommendations.

About 30% of them realize that they've got the best shot at a good meal with us and stay, hopefully the rest of them leave thinking we are just plain helpful and may try us another time.

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