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August 31, 2007



Hey, at least you two didn't get pulled into a square dancing party like I did earlier.


I suppose one could be excused for considering directionality physics, ne? It is, after all, derived from the magnetic north, which would be a physical phenomena. On another planet, if the magnetic poles were on the latitudinual nodes, would North be our East? For that matter, how do they decide directionality on Mars or the moon, without magnetic poles?

So much for my night. It's pointless research time! Thanks haddock, I was looking for something to procrastinate with.


Shake it to the East,
Shake it to the West -
Shake it to the one
That you love best.

And keep on talkin' to the Sardine as much as you can. I am terrified at the number of parents I see ignoring their chillun in shopping carts, car seats, and strollers as they talk on their cells, completely ignoring the little ones.

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