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August 25, 2007



Cooking with liquid nitrogen: it can be as sensible as sous-vide or cold smoking if you keep in mind what you are trying to do. If, for instance, you want perfect strawberries to fold into homemade ice cream, the best strategy in existence is a quick slice followed by a world-class quick freeze. The actual fastest way to do this would probably be a dry ice-ethanol slurry, but that would introduce too much alcohol, unless you were willing to then transfer it to a freezer under vacuum to boil out the alcohol. A blast chiller isn't a bad strategy either, but it won't be as fast as the liquid N. So, you get a container of liquid N, do your dunking, and then keep the slices in the freezer until you can stir them in to the ice cream. It makes perfect sense, not much chemistry or insanity involved.

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