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September 20, 2007





Hey, nice. Well-deserved.

Make sure there's some subtle Zagat-rated signage down at street level to lure in hungry strangers walking by.

Staff reward? Make it a group lunch at the restaurant with you providing all the cooking, serving and cleanup and them acting like pampered customers.

Yeah, you'll be dead exhausted afterwards, but your staff will appreciate having you serve them something tasty far more than a lunch elsewhere.

I'm sure you can stage things so they're being served something special and not just anything they'd like to choose off your menu. You can arrange things so you have a chance to sit down with them and chew the fat. Oh, and time to make a speech -- you =were= going to make a speech, right? -- and all that.




Congrats! Haven't seen the zagat yet, but I tell you what's it's useful for: finding the phone # of a place without turning on the computer. At least, that's how I use mine.

Amy Sherman

Hopefully it will send even more diners your way. For a celebration how about something decidedly un-restaurant oriented like a picnic? Catered, of course.

Dr. Biggles

Well now, that was certainly a splendid little gift. Congratulations mang!

I'm a bad one to ask about what employees want. I've always been one and just wanted cash. No parties, no watches, no time off. I'm just an old grinch when it comes to such things. Oh, that's it, I'm not a team player. It's my nature.



Yessss!....By the way, passing that "flagship" place often and seeing it look more and more desultory (no more lunch service), you should be glad you escaped -- no matter how jerked around you felt at the time...No matter what way you celebrate your staff they will be (as we used to say) stoked, I;m sure...Congratulations to you and the GM and that zoo-going Sardine.




Dim Sum or cabesa tacos always make my staff smile....or come to my work!


Thanks for all the good wishes and ideas. Biggles: I was always a cash preferring guy myself. Now as an employer, the paltry amount of cash I can come up with never seems enough.

Richie: If only any of those options were present where I am I would be a happy fellow. As it is, the options are few.

Picnic sounds good but it's getting cold. Maybe a party boat.


I know this might sound cheesy, but I've always been the kind of employee who is just really happy knowing I've made a boss/mentor content. A party would be nice, but I think that the best thing to do would be to explain the excitement you did in this post to the entirety of your staff in a very sincere and thankful way.


Congratulations! I'm so pleased for you.

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