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October 30, 2007




A couple of points for your consideration:

First, even though i am generally willing to be confrontational (in a good way) I WILL NOT when I have guests, and most often not when it's only me and my wife. And trying to get a manager's attention without alerting my guests (usually on the way out) rarely works. trying to get them on the phone the next day is even more useless, and I'm generally not willing to go back just to say I was unhappy with the wine glass (or whatever. I'm not talking about a complete disaster here: that I would deal with. I'm talking about being unhappy.) So talking to the manager, even one who stops by the table, is not really an option for me. after all, if my guests aren't unhappy, they will be if I start making a small scene on their behalf because i thought that they should have been treated differently.
Second, unless the food is drastically wrong, there's no way I'm sending it back, as I don't want to eat separately from my guests/wife/kids. If I mention it to the waiter, I usually have to fight to be able to eat my dinner, and it starts a series of visits from staff that interrupts far worse than a poorly or incorrectly done entree.
Last, if you dwell on the negatives, you will always have problems. I'm NOT saying ignore them, I'm saying that if you are consumed by the negative, you have to take steps (as you have done)to keep yourself sane. There will ALWAYS be unhappy people; your job is to minimize them. But you can't eliminate them.

FWIW, I have worked for years in both food service and retail, and recently closed a retail store of my own.

Best wishes. I wish I was closer to you so I could eat there! (I'm in Los Angeles)I'm still thinking about how to introduce people to your menu.



well said!


Awesome! Its simple to see that you care about your guests..something that is often overlooked in the "sell wine, know the menu, dont eat on the clock" bullshit. It is frustrating that the internet has become a toilet bowl of barely thought out opinions...but nice to see that youre trying to take/make a stand for the better.


I have to say that I enjoy your comments.
I do use sites such as yelp to give experience from places in Seattle, or around the NW. I would not normally bash a restaurant on such a site. If I am not able to tell the waitstaff or management I really shouldn’t tell “the world”. Luckily I do not often have bad experiences at restaurants.
My comments are straight and to the point, like, long wait, good pours, loud in the dining area, college age, great patio. Some are negative but they are not really things that the management can change. I like to read what others have found. I really want to say again, that if I read a bad comment pertaining to a restaurant it would not deter me from going. But if I hear that a place is full of dark lighting and loud music for dinner, I might choose not to go. I like to get an idea of the ambience.
If I have found a place to be exceptional in something that they do, I want to tell more than just my respective friends. I love the outlet of a site such as yelp for being able to give accolades.
And again I want to say that I believe that you are ahead of the curve because you know about these sites that have amateur reviewers posting about your bread and butter. And for you alone this is a help, being able to see experiences that people have had with out having to react with you directly.

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