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December 03, 2007


What about somewhere in the Southwest? I realize that kind of cuts beaches out of the picture, but there are other neat things and it's warm. Also, there's the added bonus of maybe not running into 8 million other people who also wanted warm+beach.

Although the Sardine might have a rough time on any sort of plane flight; my pediatrician friend warns me that young'uns are very sensitive to changes in cabin pressure.

This is why time restrictions on frequent flier miles are so irritating. I ended up donating mine to Let's Bring Em Home last year; it's a charity that gets junior enlisted home for the holidays with donations of cash/frequent flier miles.

Amy Sherman

Mexico or Hawaii. Fairly short flights and lovely weather if you choose the right spot. Actually if you go and come back before the holidays, this is still low season. I love Oahu, it's got great food, wonderful beaches, a funky Chinatown, two great art museums, historical sites, hiking, swimming/snorkeling, and sunshine.

I also took a quickie trip to a resort in Cabo once this time of year, it was very relaxing, though not tremendously stimulating. If sitting by the pool and drinking margaritas sounds good, consider it. I stayed at a middle class Mexican resort and it was cool.


St. Croix, my dear man, St. Croix! Beautiful beaches, still in the US so no passport worries, much more affordable than St. John, friendly people, great food.

a chef in 'paradise'

Feel free to come to Hawaii. But at the moment, and for the last few days and for the forseeable future, it is raining...cats and dogs...

On the other hand, it is tempermental and will be sunny and then rainy and then sunny. There are no real crowds and lots of good deals.


San Diego? Very short flight, sort of inexpensive-ish. Have a great vacation wherever you go!


U think people aren't reading your parameters! And they obviously haven't traveled with a toddler, if they're suggesting flights to St. Croix or Hawaii. Baja is not so far and I agree with the San Diego suggestion. Good luck, haddock!

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