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January 04, 2008



When I first had kids I always wanted to write to Susan Fenniger or Alice Waters and ask how they pulled it off. But I realized they were already established and had more flexibility. I was a stay at home mom with a catering problem for many years then I opened a food market. Now I am bailing out bc I am missing too much.
I guess I am just wishing you the best of luck in this challenge! I know where you are coming from.


Not having stopped in for a while, but always quick to offer advice, solicited or not, I would say that your protege days are over, Haddock. From what I read below, you are now the mentor. And why shouldn't you be? You do what you love and you're good at it and you're successful at it; you have a happy family with a child to raise, and you're committed to helping all the people in your life thrive. Sounds almost like you're describing yourself when you describe your ideal mentor. Perhaps it comes down to your thought that your mentor should be "wildly successful". It's certainly understandable if you want that for yourself. Most people do. But would you have time for more success if you knew where to find it? If so, you already know where it is - it's out there in the big pond, or in lots of ponds, if and when you want it.


I thought the same before I posted and in many ways you're absolutely right. A lot of aspects of my protege days are over.

New ones, however are just beginning. I have no real guidance for balancing work and family, although I can probably figure that out. My real need is to become comfortable in my role of letting go and letting other people do the work I used to do, and finding new work for myself, that furthers the business and furthers my own development.

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