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January 30, 2008


Dr. Biggles

Totally agree. Plus, many times, your employees will have more respect for you and their work. What's for lunch?



I just finished " Devil in the Kitchen ." Amazing book.
It was so interesting to read about his development as a chef, and how much cooking consumed him- plus his goal of perfection. Not many people are so driven and obsessed. His description of being an adrenaline and pain junkie struck a nerve- I don't do line work anymore but the type of cooking I do- its a daily pushing of my limits, brushes with danger, acceptance of pain. When I burn myself now, I don't react much anymore, the caramel burn I sustained today-tips of my fingers-I knew it would be fleeting pain, and that it was a careless mistake- one second of not focusing. The need to be focused all the time keeps me hooked, to be that present in the moment, constantly re-evaluating your product and process....

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