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June 02, 2008



Now, here I thought this was going to be a paean to Welsh rarebit, once of the more peculiar and benighted foods of my childhood. Clearly, my knowledge of turn of the last century comics is sadly lacking.


Do you have my copy of Dreams (the one with the black&green cover)? It may have been tossed by someone else or lost during the move but I know it isn't in this house.

And neither are expensive appliances except for the ones that came with my house. It's always funny to have to instruct someone about what not to touch or move, how to use a tool the right way when it's broken, etc., but we save our pennies that way, no?

Joe Fish

I had a whole separate career not only as the most popular unlicensed electrician in the restaurant business, but also repairing and brokering equipment in various states of disrepair.

For the record, those tabs are nearly impossible to get back to forged strength. It's easier to replace the bowl arm (or weld the clamps on :-) )

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