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August 12, 2008



Overheard this summer in a nearby restaurant: "And the vegetable today is Swiss chard." Customer: "What's a chard?"

Dr. Biggles

Scary. And then, you get to be the one that introduces this person to Pesto. How awesome is that? I mean, they're going to go home with visions of this pesto thing. The stories they'll weave about their fantastic vacation and the wonderful food they found!

You rule.


We were at NOPA on Tuesday night before seeing the Squirrel Nut Zippers at the Independent -- SNZ being the finale of a long bday weekend.

I started off with the little fish. His nibs had the sweet corn soup with arugula pesto. We swapped, as we do.

"That's not pesto," I said. "Where's the basil? Where's the garlic?"

"=Arugula= pesto, Sal," he said.

How can it be pesto if there's no basil, no garlic, no ...

Yes, I know that pesto just means it's been smashed to bits and turned into a sauce, but still. ... I think of pesto as always being alla genovese and everything else -- including pesto made with arugula and pesto made with parsley as just not.

I hope they ordered your soup and you wowed them.



Glad to see I'm not the only one with clients undersalted in the IQ department! It cramps one's style!

Yours in pesto,


i've had a customer send back a steak tartare because they didn't realize that it'd be *completely* raw when the server said it was raw chopped beef mixed with mustard, capers, shallots, etc.

that same night, we had (the same?) customers send back the ceviche they ordered because they don't eat raw fish - even if it's been bathed in acid.

and way back when, i had a customer ask for some salt. she returned the dish of Baleine sea salt i sent out because "i know salt, and that does *NOT* taste like salt!"
fuck you, we cook with sea salt and chill our bins of ice with kosher. we don't have any of that iodized shit you're looking for.

i swear, the only thing worse than clueless customers is when the edge of the plastic wrap hangs up and starts shrinking as you pull...

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