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January 09, 2009



I gather it is not like riding a bicycle.

Good luck!

Charge Controller

Since you are having a problem with getting the business you want, hire someone to do it for you, or have one of your staff sell the gig.
Hope this helps.


As a caterer who has done many, many tastings I find your post interesting. How would you "not get"
the wedding but land the rehearsal dinner ?!?! That is really wily...do you change your presentation, offer less food, plead you are understaffed ? It's true some clients who request tastings are less than desirable, I did a tasting for six people once who were the weirdest family I'd ever encountered. Bridezillas, overbearing mother-in-laws, food allergies, in todays economy the company I work for loaded on the jobs to make the profit margin and to hell with the consequences for the poor slobs in the kitchen churning out H'ors-D'oevres by the thousand....if I didn't love to cook I'd bolt !

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