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April 04, 2009



Just some comments on your post.

My wife and I eat out a lot and I agree that an hour and fifteen minutes from sitting to paying really isn't that long. But that is us. When we go to eat out as a couple it is for the experience. We enjoy the food, the atmosphere and we enjoy seeing what other people are eating.

When we go out with friends, it is a totally different experience. It becomes a social event and we sometimes stay at a table for as long as two hours while dining out and the time passes without notice.

Again, that is just the way we are.

I know that there are people ( I am related to some ) that go out just to eat. They get to the restaurant hungry, they want to eat as soon as possible and, possibly, have something to do after dinner(like a movie).

In my opinion, these people are better suited to trying a place like Applebees or some other mass marketed eat-and-go joint if they don't plan on sitting down to dinner for more than an hour.

I rarely have any gripes about service when we go out and eat, and if I do, it is almost always about how long it takes to get the bill after I've indicated that I am ready for it. At that point, we're ready to go. It is usually late and the group is getting a little tired.


I am a culinary school student right now, about to enter my second term. Next term, I'll work in the school restaurant, including a stint as wait staff. And I don't know which frightens me more, being wait staff or cook.

Cooking is a challenge, but as wait staff, you need such patience. Oh dear!


Niall Harbison

Great to here what it is like from the other side. I am fed up of reading reviews from a customer poi t of view so really good to get "our" point accross for once!

Tina Kim

as an owner of a restaurant, yeah definitely expecting too much.


Got here through Casual Kitchen, and while I realize I'm only hearing your side of things, I'm inclined to totally agree. If they got there at 6:38, I wouldn't say being done at 8 is necessarily fast, but I don't think it's slow enough to warrant the complaints from the customer unless she explicitly said she was in a rush, ate her food very quickly, and asked for the check before she was done dining. She seems completely in the wrong here.

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