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January 01, 2010



I think it's obscene that you're open on a holiday. The world does not revolve around the almighty buck. You have no respect for either your employees or your community.


Au contraire oh anonymous Someone. My respect for my employees and community runs deep. If I were to close, my employees would be out a days pay. Yes, I could give them a paid day off, but like most small businesses cannot afford to do so. Also, if I were to close many in the community would have nowhere to go for dinner.

If you have read anything on this blog you should no that I am no worshipper of the almighty buck. However, bills do have to be paid. I pay rent on holidays, the refrigerators continue to use electricity, etc.

Restaurants are open on holidays. That's part of the point. We work when other people play. If you don't like that, don't go out to eat.


Also someone, the point of the post was not that being open equals making money. It is that being open equals participating in life, pursuing your passion and goals, not sleeping off a hangover.

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