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January 03, 2010



Argh, people make me crazy. Especially because this always seems to come up *after* they've eaten whatever it is they want for free/on a discount. I bet they tipped horribly too.

That January promo sounds really great though, it would bring me back for sure!


There's no reason to cave to people like this. Your only reward is that they may come back to try to scam you again. No thanks.

Dr. Biggles

Sardine also needs to know when to kick someone squarely in the teeth!

xo, Biggles


I laugh.

I cry.

I remember the guy you talked about way back when who wanted to bring in a pizza from across the way because he had a kid who'd rather have pizza than your food.

You are a saint.

Just saying.


I heard that the first week Marinitas in San Anselmo (Heidi Krahling's second restaurant after Insalata's) opened, a family came in and because the food is not typical of a taqueria, the father went down the street and bought burritos for his kids to eat at the table while he and his wife dined on more sophisticated -- but authentic -- Latino food.

I can't fathom that sort of behavior. Some people are beyond saving.


I have always had a problem letting people pull this kind of crap. It's rewarding bad behavior and let's call them what they are-THIEVES. It sends a message that what they are doing is okay and if they are willing to steal from you they aren't a good customer anyway.

Karen Seiger

Oh no! Those totally people are rude and clueless.

I hope the majority of your clients are normal and happy and leave good tips! As they say in France, "Courage!"

P.S. Would losing the group with the 4 free entrees really have been a loss?


I feel what Haddock did was right. These days even we restaurateur in Malaysia see alot of this type of customers.
One famous one we get here is people claiming they know the owners and asking for freebies or discounts. What I do is I tell them off very politely, that we are fortunate to have friendly owners and they have alot of friends dining with us. This normally shuts them up.

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